Realise the true value of your seismic data

Troika International, a wholly owned British private company, is a world-leading provider of seismic data management software, consultancy, and services. We live and breathe seismic; our team have spent their careers building knowledge of seismic data formats that is second to none. Our primary aim is to improve your company’s efficiency to enable a competitive advantage by helping to future-proof seismic libraries and deliver fast access to the right data.

SEGY-QuickView is a free interactive tool to explore and quickly and safely control the quality of SEG-Y files.

SEG-Y QuickView is free for all registered users of Troika’s website.

Registration is free and fast, fill in the registration form then confirm your email and the software can be downloaded for use.

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Who uses Troika

  • Governments worldwide (NDRs, data rooms)
  • Oil & gas companies (major, super major, and NOCs)
  • Speculative (multi-client) data suppliers
  • Data transcription centres
  • Service companies

Why they use Troika

  • Maximise the value of your most important assets
  • Improve and verify the quality (reliability) of the data
  • Decrease the time to load, making them more efficient
  • Increase the knowledge of their company’s seismic data
  • Read and extract metadata to populate the master database

How Troika do it

  • Magma – World renowned transcription software
  • Maxim – RODE metadata extraction
  • Data Management Suite – Extensive seismic data toolbox
  • Tape/library connectivity and support
  • We build our own code libraries – C++ / Python

What does Troika provide

  • Dedicated fast and efficient client support
  • Extensive experience and expertise in seismic data formats and data/media recovery 
  • Training and consultancy solutions
  • Project management
  • Custom client focused service

Data Management

We have developed a customisable suite of software to discover, analyse, prepare, and condition your datasets for computation and analytics. Our software can improve the quality and integrity of your data, maximising the value of your seismic libraries.

Newly arriving data can be checked for format compliance and content.

Using targeted workflows enables you to populate and QC your data to meet the highest standards required by geoscientists.

Your data can be accessed from multiple sources, with local and full remote working capabilities, while your legacy data can be checked and standardised as part of your digital transformation.

Our software has helped organisations optimise the value and reliability of their seismic assets by helping recover untapped data resources, data room preparation, heavy lifting for conditioning, QC, and verification to name a few.

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Troika develops specialised modules to retrieve and repair legacy seismic formats, merge and check navigation data, visualise quality control attributes, and populate data libraries. Your data can be accessed from multiple sources, while your legacy data can be checked and standardised as part of your digital transformation.

Workflows to verify data prior to ingestion into local, corporate or cloud databases may be carried out on-the-fly with options to repair and enhance datasets.

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Our automated solutions enable you to future-proof seismic data repositories, restore confidence in data management databases, and verify datasets for workstation use.

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Specialist Services

We provide expert consultancy, training, and customised solutions based on your company’s requirements, to support data management projects and provide independent 3rd party quality control.

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Troika's understanding of seismic data is second to none

The Troika team has been involved with the SEG Technical Standards Committee since 1999. Members including Bob Firth, Jill Lewis and Victor Ancira have been driving the development, review and ratification processes of modern industry standards such as SEG-Y 1, SEG-Y 2, SEG-D 2.1, SEG-D 3 and SEG-D 3.1. The result is we understand seismic data recording formats better than any other company.

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