Troika provides expert consultancy services to support specific seismic data management projects. Combinations of software modules - optionally including customised add-ons and tailored automated workflows - can be assembled, installed in customer facilities and supported as required. Leveraging decades of specialised industry experience, customised modular in-house or hosted training courses can be provided addressing topics such as legacy and modern seismic tape media and formats and the efficient use of data management software.


Troika has built a range of capabilities for independent 3rd party quality control of legacy data transcription and life-of-field seismic (LoFS) 4D acquisition. QC of transcription projects is typically based on checking a representative sample of input and output tapes, database accuracy and reliability and expert analysis of the transcription procedures. For LoFS acquisition projects, Troika provides independent 3rd party services to remotely measure repeatability between surveys through a responsive interface to QC attributes. Versatile automated software workflows running 24/7 via remote transfer of data to and from vessels or rigs enable in-time response to E&P companies in the event of discrepancies between planned and actual survey parameters. This service can be particularly valuable when operators use different acquisition suppliers from one 4D survey to the next.



Troika provides support from industry professionals experienced in seismic issues ranging from acquisition, data loading, processing and uploading to workstations for analysis and interpretation. The company’s experts will take a pragmatic approach to address your particular seismic data management challenges and will make practical recommendations to ensure the long-term sustainability of your valuable data assets.



Troika software provides efficient tools to ensure that seismic datasets are contract-compliant and adhere to the guidelines set by the SEG Technical Standards Committee. It can also help in adapting processing workflows to provide exploration and production (E&P) operators and other users with more fully and accurately populated datasets. Troika also has the expertise and knowledge to provide advice and support to companies embarking on tape transcription projects by helping in the formulation of tenders, evaluating bids and offering third party QC on the resulting data and processes. This service helps data owners to have increased confidence that their data transition has been managed correctly and securely.



Troika offer modular training courses addressing issues including the basics of the seismic data lifecycle, current and legacy media, data structure and formats as well as theoretical and practical methods for quality control and reporting. Teaching modules also cover the fundamentals for 2D and 3D data loading and are supported by hands-on practical sessions using a variety of input media. Troika also offers training in the efficient use of its software to optimally meet the specific requirements of transcription, analysis and related projects. Tailored courses, provided either in group sessions or on a one-to-one basis, can be provided at our special training facility in Tunbridge Wells or at your on-site locations.