Rationalizes 2D and 3D SEG-Y data on disk and provides the opportunity to repair datasets to prepare them for problem-free loading to workstations for processing, analysis, interpretation, and other applications.

  • An interactive view on your data, display sections, and slices
  • View and compare locations from 2D seismic and navigation files
  • Report and highlight data inconsistencies
  • Produce 2D and 3D shapefiles
  • Condition the data
  • Commit changes to original files or write new volumes
  • Create navigation files from seismic headers

Running in either Windows™ or Linux™ environments, Minima presents essential information from SEG-Y trace headers in a way that quickly enables users to identify and correct any anomalies. 

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Troika's understanding of seismic data is second to none

The Troika team has been involved with the SEG Technical Standards Committee since 1999. Members including Bob Firth, Jill Lewis and Victor Ancira have been driving the development, review and ratification processes of modern industry standards such as SEG-Y 1, SEG-Y 2, SEG-D 2.1, SEG-D 3 and SEG-D 3.1. The result is we understand seismic data recording formats better than any other company.

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