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A login account is required to download Troika software. A license is also required for all modules except the free version of Magma & SEG-Y QuickView.

Free SEG-Y QuickView

SEG-Y QuickView is a free interactive tool to explore and quickly and safely control the quality of SEG-Y files. It is free to download for all registered users.

Free version of Magma

Magma is a data recovery software that can be used to read and analyse data. Magma is free to download for all registered users to try but will not allow subsequent output unless a licence file has been installed.

User Registration

If you don’t have an account, please complete the registration form above, this will allow access to download Magma & SEG-Y QuickView. The other software will only appear once a licence file has been purchased.

Software Licences

To arrange licenses for Troika software, please login and fill in the licence request form or contact us for further assistance or information.

Troika's understanding of seismic data is second to none

The Troika team has been involved with the SEG Technical Standards Committee since 1999. Members including Bob Firth, Jill Lewis and Victor Ancira have been driving the development, review and ratification processes of modern industry standards such as SEG-Y 1, SEG-Y 2, SEG-D 2.1, SEG-D 3 and SEG-D 3.1. The result is we understand seismic data recording formats better than any other company.

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