Troika software enables building of efficient workflows to populate, verify, index and future-proof corporate and national seismic data repositories and restore confidence in data management databases. Solutions are also provided for remote robotic tape management and verifying datasets for workstation use. The company’s seismic data management experts deliver and support packaged solutions using appropriate Troika software modules, optionally integrated with client’s existing systems, to meet specific requirements. Software is available to perform detailed quality control, including visualisation of relevant seismic attributes, extraction and repair of metadata and GIS-ready navigation merge. Tools are available to easily and efficiently remotely-control data input and output data from multiple tape devices in different locations. Disk data trawling and seismic library modernisation can be performed extremely efficiently using automated workflow capabilities. The software can confirm or - when required - implement compliance to industry standards; enable de-duplication to optimise storage efficiency and verify datasets for problem-free workstation uploading.


DM Workflows