VeriTape Analyser




Identify deteriorating cartridges before they fail. Cartridge failures can be disruptive and expensive, but with VeriTape® you can monitor any cartridge and retire aging or damaged ones before they fail, not afterwards.

Store mission critical data. When saving critical data to tape have complete confidence that your data can be recovered without problems. VeriTape® enables you to identify and eliminate any cartridge that does not meet your standards.

Troika are sole agents in the seismic industry for the VeriTape® reader, a premier tool that can be used to diagnose the health of LTO and 3592 tape cartridges. The VeriTape® reads the Cartridge Memory, analyses the statistical quality data and reads and displays the cartridge bar code label. The barcode can be saved in the CM and retrieved from the CM in case the label is damaged.

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