Magma Spec:

Windows & Linux

Supports Standard SCSI tape devices

Connectivity for legacy 9 & 21 Track

FTP access to read/write

Long Record Support

High Capacity Drive Connection

Fast Transfer 

Proprietary formats added as required

Digital capture of data indexes

Auto-analyse functions formats

QA/QC plotting to screen and/or file

Rode creation & manipulation tools




Transcription Software









Magma is a data transcription and reformat application that handles all seismic data formats from a variety of media types.  

Magma can provide fast transfer of information to and from High Capacity Media,hard disk and across networks, but is also able to handle data recorded on historic 21 and 9 track tape drives.

Magma is a flexible seismic QC tool and efficiently handles seismic input/output and is designed to transcribe, copy, read and reformat data.

Magma is a modular program with input modules for the standard SEG seismic formats - other formats are added as the need arises. There are also modules for output to SEGY and for producing plots of seismic traces.

A free version of Magma is available for download which will allow you to read and analyse data, but will not allow you to produce any output from the data. To access this trial version, please register and <download here>