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Minima is engineered to verify SEG-Y format seismic data on disk and provides the opportunity for the repair, quality assurance and control of post-stack datasets and the preparation of workstation-ready datasets. Running in either Windows or Linux environments, Minima presents essential information from SEG-Y trace headers in a way that quickly enables users to identify and correct any anomalies. Navigation data can also be customised and populated into trace headers. The software module includes a range of display methods for data quality control designed to help users to easily identify and remedy incorrect information.


• An interactive view on your data, display sections and slices

• View and compare locations from 2D seismic and navigation files

• Report and highlight data inconsistencies

• Produce 2D and 3D shapefiles

• Condition the data

• Commit changes to original files or write new volumes

• Create navigation files from seismic headers


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