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Magma is a highly flexible seismic data transcription, reformatting and manipulation application capable of handling a wide range of legacy and modern recording formats and media types. It has established itself as the recommended front end for several industry standard data analysis packages including being the chosen plug-in for “Foreign Tape Input” to Halliburton’s SeisSpace ProMax seismic processing software family.


Magma software is able to decode seismic historic data formats from 9-track, 21-track and various tape cartridge media and provides a comprehensive suite of quality control (QC) functionality while transcribing to modern high capacity tape and disk libraries. Standard output conforms to the latest version of SEG-Y leveraging Troika’s close involvement with the SEG technical standard committee.


Magma runs on Windows and Linux platforms and supports a range of SCSI tape devices and data formats, including long records. Quality control displays and listings can be routed to screen, databases and/or print files as required. Proprietary formats including RODE encapsulation and de-encapsulation can also be handled.


A free version of Magma is available for download which will allow you to read and analyse data, but will not allow you to produce any output from the data. Please register to access the trial version from our Software Download utility.


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Magma Compatibility Table

Dislaimer - If you are intending on directly connecting tape drives to the machine that Magma is running on, we would recommend that you use Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019, due to Windows 10 not supporting tape drives