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Troika International is established in the industry as a leader in seismic data management. Troika's suite of software has been developed to help automate and enhance the quality control, health and compliance of seismic data through its lifecycle from acquisition to processing, and can help with all your seismic data management needs. With both Windows and Linux OS systems supported Troika can offer the tools to help with:

  • Quality Control
  • Contract compliance and format checks
  • Data preparation prior to workstation loading
  • Remote tape access
  • Business Rules
  • Table of Contents
  • Header Maths
  • Fast data transfer 

The Troika Midi and Magma packages work with both tape and disk and tape systems may also be addressed via MagNet a remote tape access tool. There is also web interface enabling the viewing of jobs and tape progress at any of the sites worldwide that you have right of access to.

Midi and Magma can also address tape drives inside a robot in the same way as standalone drives. Most robots are supported on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

New software developments, including substantially updated packages and easier licensing capabilities, allow Troika to alleviate concerns with problematic data. With offices in England, Scotland, and the United States, Troika delivers vital assistance that allows you to capitalise on your irreplaceable data assets, now and in the future.

A free version of Magma is available for download which will allow you to read and analyse data, but will not allow you to output from the data. To access this trial version, please register and download.