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Process multiple functions simultaneously

Analyse amplitudes and frequencies

Create workflows for contract compliance and QC

Customisable to suit client requirements

Visual - generates QC images

Output live trace outline and shape files for GIS ready data





A complete preparation tool for SEG-Y and navigation data

Minima is designed to rationalise 2D seismic data which is available in SEG-Y format on disk and offers the opportunity for the repair, quality assurance and control of post-stack datasets and the production of Workstation ready SEG-Y data.

Minima displays the SEG-Y trace headers in a spreadsheet type document which allow easy viewing and editing if required. Navigation data is also standardised and can be customised and populated into the trace headers which can then be displayed and analysed.

Minima offers a range of display methods for data quality control which allow users to easily analyse possible errors or incorrect data entries.

Minima runs in Windows and Linux environments.


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