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Process multiple functions simultaneously

Analyse amplitudes and frequencies

Create workflows for contract compliance and QC

Customisable to suit client requirements

Visual - generates QC images

Output live trace outline and shape files for GIS ready data

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Capture your SEG-Y and SEG-D data

Midi is a command line application which can be used to copy, manipulate, QC and index SEG-D and SEG-Y tape media, disk files and ftp accessible data.

Midi runs in Windows™ and Linux™ environments and interfaces with any standard SCSI device using IBM®/Windows drivers and includes support for a number of robotic devices including IBM3494, STK9710 and Standard SCSI tape libraries.

Midi can be easily incorporated into workflow scripts and batch files. Commands can be specified in a configuration file which can be used to specify default options for the setup of complex jobs.

Midi will tell you exactly what is on the media (e.g. FFID/CDP/INLINE/XLINE ranges) rather than relying on detached tape indexes in databases or spreadsheets.

Midi allows you to build your own seismic Table of Contents (TOC), to ensure that your data fully complies to your own custom standards. These TOC capabilities can ensure that the correct data is populated throughout the trace headers, and can highlight any gaps found immediately.

Our clients use TOC files for many purposes including:

  • Uploading of tape content metadata to a corporate/master data store
  • Via SQL scripts, XML, Web Services, CSV fies etc.
  • Quality control procedures
  • Extracting survey/dataset geometries
  • Data sequencing
  • Comparisons between existing tape indexes and actual contents of referenced tape
  • Production of detailed tape labels (that guarantee to match the tape contents)
  • Business Rules and compliance checks

Midi is fully capable with the latest SEGD rev. 3 updates from the SEG Technical Standards Committee. Many national oil companies are now requiring that data is shot in SEGD rev. 3, and Midi can ensure the data complies to all standards; Midi can also update historic libraries from previous SEGD revisions.




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