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Process multiple functions simultaneously

Analyse amplitudes and frequencies

Create workflows for contract compliance and QC

Customisable to suit client requirements

Visual - generates QC images

Output live trace outline and shape files for GIS ready data






Marlin is the best solution for seismic data recovery. It offers the ability to organise, classify and validate vast amounts of seismic data on both disk and tape storage.

Marlin is designed to 'trawl' disk directory/folder trees. It identifies seismic data and extracts basic metadata from each file.  

On discovery of data other Troika products (Midi, Minima and Minima3D) can be launched to perform transcription and QC.

Marlin runs in Windows and Linux environments.  

Our clients use Marlin and these other products for many purposes including:

  • Seismic file discovery and classification
  • Re-organisation of folder structures
  • QC and validation of seismic file inventories
  • De-encapsulation/re-encapsulation of seismic datasets
  • Metadata reporting



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