QC and Validation

ComplianceTroika International is the foremost supplier of Data Management Software Utilities to the Upstream Oil and Gas sector. We offer a range of functional software and with our expertise and guidance we are able to offer a comprehensive service that will meet all of your seismic data management needs.

Troika's software provides a range of extremely efficient tools to ensure your seismic data is contract compliant and adheres to the guidelines set by the SEG Technical Standards Committee.

Troika offers the knowledge gained from a vast history with up-stream seismic data, which can help in adapting your current workflows to provide your clients with more fully and accurately populated data sets.

Troika has the expertise and knowledge to offer help and support to E & P companies embarking on Tape Transcription projects by helping in the formulation of Tenders, evaluating Bids, and offering third party QC on the data and processes. This enables E & P companies to have the confidence and security that their data transition has been managed correctly.

Working with you we can design workflows to suit all your Data Management needs that will give:

Optimum Efficiency + Maximum Confidence + Maximum Information