About Troika

Troika is a Global Seismic Software Company supplying Data Management utilities and transcription software to Oil and Gas Companies and Service providers worldwide. 

The company was founded in 1994 as a software house specialising in the development of software relating to Seismic formats, data on legacy tapes and encapsulation formats on disk.

Troika has always had a close relationship with the SEG Technical Committee and the Standards Leadership Council (SLC) to ensure that the data is format compliant and has developed tools to address issues and problems encountered in the industry when dealing with legacy data.

Troika's latest software releases focus on the requirement to handle and process large volumes of SEGY and SEGD data through its Data Management Utilities suite. These utilities enable you to QC and extract knowledge in a single pass by accessing your data with customisable and configurable workflows.

With offices in England, Scotland and the United States, Troika is able to provide its services, products and support to all corners of the globe.